Eligibility & Selection

The criteria for selecting players for Area Masters squads


The following criteria should be used when selecting players for Area Masters squads. The intention of these principles is to ensure Area teams are based on players who play for the clubs in their Area.

Eligibility Criteria 2024, 2025, 2026


  • Shall reach the qualifying age, in 5-year groups from age 35 upwards, within the year of competition
  • Shall primarily be a bona fide member of a club affiliated to the Area they are representing
  • If no club, may qualify on residential grounds
  • Shall only represent one Area, in a given year
  • Shall only play in one age competition per year

Anything outside the club criteria should be considered as an exception.

Tolerance, or the number of exceptions, to be significantly reduced from 2024-2026.

 Club affiliation is defined as the adult membership affiliation to Areas via leagues as set down by England Hockey. A list of clubs affiliated to each Area will be provided. 

The year of competition shall be 01 January – 31 December.


  • Border club players
  • Top age group players
  • Temporary working situations
  • Ride out an age group
  • Flexibility for GKs
  • Play a second tournament

Requests for exceptions will be considered on a case-by-case basis.

Agreed exceptions will be for one year, unless stated otherwise, as the criteria tighten towards 2026. 

Should a player move Area, this will be for a minimum of 3 years, unless otherwise agreed in exception.

Border clubs: These clubs border two Areas and are listed in the EH list of club affiliations to Areas. Any player in a border club will be able to choose which Area they play for. 

No exception request is required for border club players.

A log of approved exceptions will be maintained and available to Area Masters leads.

Enquiries around these conditions should be made by Area Chairs to masters@london.hockey

For more information please see Area Masters Representation and Masters Clubs List for border clubs.