About Masters Hockey


The world of Masters hockey is developing rapidly. Opportunities proliferate as you get older, with a wide assortment of both local and national activities. Everything from 'Play and Pay' sessions midweek and summer, to full on leagues, tournaments and tours in the UK and abroad. The 8 Areas, England Hockey and World Masters Hockey organise all manner of activity based on 5 & 10-year age bands, from O35 up and O70 for women and O35 up to O80 for men.  

England Hockey provide support to Masters Hockey via the following: 

  • Funding and support of a dedicated Programme Manager and Communication Administrator to support our International Teams.
  • Co-ordination of the Area Masters Standing Group and support with the organisation of Area Masters Competitions.
  • Funding of affiliations to World governing body for the 18 England teams.
  • England teams' kit in partnership contracts and facilitated ordering services. 
  • Provision of a dedicated Masters website. 
  • Running England Hockey Masters Championships for clubs at six age groups.
  • Supporting the hosting of international tournaments in England which reduce the costs of participating England teams. 
  • Specialist support in areas such as Commercial Partnerships, Event Planning, Communications and Finance Management. 
  • Co-ordination of the Masters calendar and priority list for players.

If you’re not already involved in Masters hockey and would like to know more about what’s going on in your Area, please click Areas and Counties section of the website to find out more about whats happening in your area and how to get involved.