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International Masters Hardship Fund


Background & Rationale

England Hockey has a vision to make the game visible, relevant, accessible, for all by

removing stubborn inequalities that exist. We aspire to grow a participation base that is more

reflective of society and become a sport that is more inclusive creating access for anyone

from any background to participate.

England Hockey run squads at several age groups (18 squads). The women field teams

from O35 to O75 and the men from O35 to O80. England squads compete in all major

competitions including the Four Nations, European Cup and World Cup tournaments as well

as other sanctioned international matches.

Whilst it is understood that International Masters hockey is self-funding England Hockey

believes it is important to endeavour to assist individuals whose circumstances make it

difficult to cover the costs associated with playing for England Masters' teams.

International Masters Hardship Fund

The Hardship Fund (financially supported by England Hockey) would enable players to apply

for funds to access International Masters activity. We recognise that there are significant

costs required to take part in International Masters and want to reduce the financial barriers

to not hinder an individual’s opportunity to participate.

Financial Need

It is vitally important that Hardship Awards are given to those players where there is clear

financial need. We do not want this to be an intrusive process for applicants, however, for

the purposes of transparency where appropriate there may be times when evidence in

relation to the criteria is requested.

Level of Financial NeedIndicative Eligibility Criteria

Applicants relate to one of the following;

• Universal Credit -https://www.gov.uk/universal-credit/eligibility

• Pension Credit - https://www.gov.uk/pensioncredit/eligibility

• Other Exceptional Circumstances

Please note the following:

• International Masters Hardship Funding is accessible only to those players in who receive Universal Credit, Pension Credit or other exceptional circumstances.

• The maximum amount of funding per season is £500.

• This fund is not accessible to individuals who are deemed to be financially capable of / or have the means to fund their involvement in hockey.

• EH has a ring-fenced amount of financial support per annum for International Masters players in need which is generated by surplus created from International Masters activities. Once this funding has been exhausted applications will be redirected to the other opportunity as highlighted below.

Decision Making

It is expected that this process is to be carried out in an open and trustworthy manner. For example, we are not expecting an appeals procedure to support this process. Decisions of the Awards Panel will be final.

Applications will be considered by an Awards Panel consisting of:

• International Masters Programme Manager

• International Masters representation

• England Hockey representation

Award panel members should have no personal or financial interest with regards to the

decision-making process of an application.

Hardship Fund Application Windows

For the 2023-24 cycle the International Masters Hardship Fund will open on the 1st April

2023 until 31st August 2023.

For all future cycles the International Masters Hardship Fund will open on the 1st January to

31st August.

EH will make International Masters players aware of the Hardship Fund via Team Managers

and the Masters Website.

How to apply

Please contact us via masters@englandhockey.co.uk including your full name, squad and a

brief statement of why you require the support.

Other Opportunities

If a player is not eligible for the Hardship Fund other opportunities may exist such as local

sponsorship and grants from other organisations (club, Area association, local initiatives etc).