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England Over 80's International

England Over 80's Take On Netherlands

England Over 80 take on Netherlands Over 80 at Canterbury on 17th April in the fourth playing of an annual challenge match that was first contested in 2019. The first meeting was played at Breda in the Netherlands and ended in a 0-0 draw. After a break of two years for Covid, England managed a 1-0 victory on home turf at Bisham Abbey and then won again by the same result at Tilburg in 2023. Goals are hard to come by at Over 80 level but Netherlands will be pressing hard for a first goal and their first win in the event!

De Knoest/The Knot Trophy (as pictured) was created for this annual contest by the Dutch and a new trophy (also pictured) has been provided by England for the inaugural England B v Netherlands B match, which will also be played at Canterbury on 17th April. At present England and Netherlands are the only two countries with nationally selected teams at Over 80 but an Australian Over 80 touring team will be visiting Europe in June to play in a non-national event at The Hague and full internationals against England and Netherlands may yet be arranged during their tour.